Meet The Recipients

  1. Dawn Cope
    This should be a morning that I am at Roaring River having fun trout fishing. And while God wants us all to fish in more ways than one, he had different plans for me today. He is funny that way. So here I set on the couch typing up this bio for the Power of Pink. I am Dawn R. Cope, life-long resident of Jenkins, MO. Recently, I have had bilateral mastectomy with reconstructive surgery and dissection of enough lymph nodes to leave an incredible seasoned 30-year oncologist saying. “Wow!” I do not think it really hit me that I had metastatic cancer until after I got off the phone with Janice McCracken last night telling me I was nominated and selected to be a Power of Pink 2020 beneficiary. I am the ‘giver’ and the ‘helper’. Accepting help is not easy for me as I am incredibly resourceful. I figure it out, work through any barriers, and keep going. But in an email earlier this week the Lord spoke to me loud and clear through an unknown prayer warrior in Kentucky. The email said that I would go through very dark times and that along the way others will want to help me and not to ‘decline help from friends, as it steals a blessing from them.‘ It was a very humbling message for me I have taken my husband’s lead in this whole process. He taught me to realize instead of questioning, “Why me?”, rather ask “Why not me?” The question leads me to realize I am chosen by the Lord to take this journey and best represent him with my every bit of strength and courage. A divine appointment, if you will. My ‘story’ is more than just this cancer. My amazing husband, Ray Earnest and I have been hit with a series of life events that just keep coming and convinces me the Lord is building us up for a better tomorrow. I place all of these trials at the Lord’s feet, giving him complete control and using me how he sees fit. And that is a very good place to be. Event 1: On October 10, 2019 I was in a head on collision that left me with a traumatic brain injury, stuttering for over a month and rebuilding my speech and cognitive skills. I could not start let alone complete a basic puzzle assessment. I was scared. Event 2: In early November our company took a devastating, unexpected blow that forced us to begin exit plans from the market. At a time when my business acumen and skills were very needed to help Ray navigate this event, my cognitive and analytical skills were absent. Event 3: On December 17, 2019 I was diagnosed with metastatic cancer. Event 4: On January 17, 2020 I had bilateral mastectomy with reconstructive surgery. Event 5: On February 1, 2020 we officially closed our business and Ray returned to law enforcement full time. I have been off work since the accident. Event 6: This March we will place our Forever Home up for sale and begin moving activities. The wreck was a disguised blessing that saved me. The cancer could have gone a lot longer without a diagnosis. See how he works! Whatever the plan, he must think we are tough. I will fight through these events with the grace and tenacity in which I approach all aspects of my life. This bio would not be complete without acknowledging the incredible strength, knowledge and courage Ray contributes and the memory of a little boy named Marcus Alexander Earnest brings to our story. Alex was Ray’s first-born son who passed from brain cancer at the sweet age of 3. For Ray to get the news that I was diagnosed with cancer, flooded him with all those feelings and memories he worked through and put away so many years ago. See he too once questioned “Why not me?” and accepted the appointment. And while that was 25 years in the past to Ray it is like 5 minutes ago. Our journey has just begun. This chemo is just horrible as is the pain. I will take it one day at a time and #MakeMyselfDoSomethingEverydayEvenThoughIDon’tWantTo. I am overwhelmed by the amount of encouragement and support from family, friends and co-workers. But most importantly the unwavering and consistent grace and love from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It will all be good no matter the outcome as we all know the best is yet to come.
  2. Sabrina Reed
    Hi my name is Sabrina Reed and I’m the mother of 2 remarkable children. This is my story about my journey with Metastatic Breast Cancer. My story starts on Sunday August 27th, 2017 when I found a lump in my right breast. I went to the doctor and was sent to have a mammogram on September 28th, 2017. On October 2nd, 2017 I was told I had Breast Cancer. I was sent to get a pet scan of my whole body and on October 19th, 2017 I was told I had Metastatic Breast Cancer that had spread to my hip bones, lymph nodes and liver I then went through 2 weeks of radiation on my hips and then chemotherapy every 3 weeks for a year. I finished treatments on February 27th, 2018. I still have to have bone treatments for my bones every 3 months that I may need for the rest of my life. When it all looked as if things were going well I started to get headaches and went to doctor in October 2019 for what I thought was a sinus infection but the doctor wanted to have a MRI to see if it was and was told the Metastatic Breast Cancer had spread to my brain. I had to have 10 full head radiation treatments (that has caused permanent hair loss to my head, it has also caused permanent memory loss.) I was put on steroids to reduce the swelling on my brain where the tumors were pressing upon vital organs in my brain that could have killed me at any time. The steroids have caused a lot of issues with my body as well. On December 30th, 2019 I had more scans and an MRI and was told I had went from 14 big tumors down to 5 and that they were shrinking. I will have more scans and an MRI on March 25th, 2020 to see where we are at so doctors will know what treatment I may need to continue with.
  3. Erma Mast
    At some point around late Spring, early Summer 2019, I discovered a rather significant ‘lump’ on the side of my left breast. I did not immediately pursue testing. You have all kinds of excuses run through your head. I have three sisters, two older than me, no breast cancer issues with them or our mother. I also did not know of any aunts on either side of family having had breast cancer. Why would I have it? Probably just fluid filled cyst, etc., etc. So, I wrongly let it lurk in the back of my sixty-eight-year-old mind for several months. In early November, at my husband’s urging, I made an appointment with my PCP to have her check it. Since I already knew that I had the lump, she wanted to put in an order for me to have a diagnostic mammogram ASAP, skipping the screening one. On December 3 I had my diagnostic mammogram done at Women’s Pavilion in Joplin. Before leaving the clinic that day I had an appointment for biopsies to be done on December 11. The mammogram showed two calcification areas of concern in the right breast. That required a type of biopsy procedure called Stereotactic Biopsy. The left side was done by Ultrasound, also taking sample from left lymph node under arm. Those three hours were quite the ordeal & I decided I could survive anything, especially after that Stereotactic procedure. At the end of all the biopsies, the technicians commended me for my stamina as it was the first time they have EVER done five total biopsy locations, on one person, on same day! Three days later, December 13, the results came to my PCP. She called me with the news. The first was that the lymph node tested clear, but the left side lumps (two) were cancer, Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma ER, and HER-2 neu+, stage 2 because of size only. The right side calcification spots contained pre-cancer cells. I actually then had tears for first time, but were tears of joy because of the lymph node result! That was great news. I asked my Dr. to put in a referral to the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Tulsa. I received a call back the same day from CTCA informing me they have accepted the referral and their scheduling dept will be calling to set up my initial Evaluation appointment. I got that appointment the day after Christmas. I must say here that the toughest thing I was dealing with during the entire time span so far was the waiting, with so many unknowns between every step. I knew that this diagnosis was not something I could turn and run away from. I had to accept that this journey was now one for me to travel, and with God’s help WE could do it. Family and friends immediately rallied around me with prayer commitments, sent me messages sharing scriptures…what blessings came to me! My treatment plan is curative, starting with chemotherapy for six treatments, three weeks apart. My first one was January 6, 2020. The sixth one is April 21, after which I will have to make decision on surgery. My infusions will continue every three weeks with only the two Immunotherapy drugs for eleven more times. I have been doing so much better handling the chemo than what I expected. God has been so very, very good. My family and friends have been amazing, walking alongside me. I don’t know that I can ever “pay enough forward” for what has been done for me. This Power of Pink nomination and being a recipient has been so humbling and will be such an amazing blessing to smooth the financial road this takes one on. May God richly, abundantly bless all who work hard, give generously, to make this happen.
  4. Amanda Woods
    My name is Amanda Lea Woods, wife of Marty Woods, and the biological mom to 2 wonderful girls and bonus mom to 2 more girls and 1 boy! My family’s journey started February 14, 2019. I had a lump that I noticed at least 6 months before maybe longer but I had the mentality of “if I don’t get it checked, it’s NOT cancer, right!?!?!?!??? I went to the ER because I didn’t have insurance nor a PCP or anything. They set me up for a mammogram the very next day. February 15, 2019 I had my mammogram and the findings of that warranted an ultrasound, when the doctor came to look he wanted me to come back ASAP for a biopsy and that happened that afternoon. February 16,2019 my family’s lives were forever changed! It’s what the doctor was the big evil “C” word no one ever wants to hear, Cancer. After the initial diagnosis of stage 3 grade 2 IDC, everything went by so slow, yet so fast! CT & PET scans, metering with my surgeon, the onco, and everyone else! My scans however showed metastasis to my bones and liver, so yay me I’m stage 4! Chemo started on March 8,2019 and it started out with 4 rounds of the red devil! May 3, 2019, (my 39th birthday) I started the first of 12 rounds of taxol which was completed on July 19,2019! I was finished with chemo, BLESS, and while the tumors were still there they all shrunk! August 2019 was the closest to “normal” since diagnosis! I had no doctors appointments nor treatments or was GReAT! September 9, 2019 I met with the plastic surgeon and he told me he will do reconstruction but he won’t do it until at least 6 months after radiation! Cancer had already taken so much from me and now it’s taking my boobs and I won’t get recon right away so I will have to go flat!?!?!!!!! Ok I figured I would’ve had time to get used to that fact of having to go flat before suregery but nope! September 10, 2019, my surgeon called and said to be at the hospital at 5am Thursday September 12, 2019 for my double mastectomy. I chose to remove both because being stage 4 I didn’t want to put my family through this again in a year, and thank God I did because the tissue in the “good” breast was showing signs of the same exact fibrous tissue that caused the cancer in the first place! After my mastectomy and I recovered from that my next scan showed that the liver tumor is still there it is shrinking with the hormone blocker Tamoxifen! Praise the Lord! The type of cancer that I have feeds off of my body’s estrogen production, so I was set up for a complete/total hysterectomy/oophorectomy! That surgery and recovery was a breeze compared to the DMX. I started radiation December 19,2019! 10 rounds on my eye where the cancer ate through the back side of my occipital bone and 15 rounds on my chest/underarm where the breast cancer was. January 13, 2020, was supposed to be a happy day for my family yet it wasn’t. My family was dealing with the loss of my other daddy or Moddy as I would call him for short. He passed away the morning of the 13th and I finished radiation up that afternoon. My next scan is set up for the end of this month to see what the next step is! The Power of Pink nomination and being selected as a recipient this year is truly a blessing for my family! This disease and whole past year has really kicked my family, repeatedly, so this was AMAZING!!!!! I want to take a second to thank everyone! Thank you Marty, for being my rock and keeping me calm when I’m freaking out and I’m mean and moody! I love you babe! Thank you Moose, Bean, Boogs, Buddy Butt, & Booty! You five have kept me going! You are my reason for fighting as hard as I have with all of this! Thank you Mom, Moddy, Daddy, & Judy for the love, support (mentally and financially), and prayers! Keep them coming! They have worked thus far in guiding the doctors towards the best treatment options for me! Thank you Laurena! Who knew that just because we both were going through a similar journey with cancer, I would’ve gained a Pink sister for life! Thank you for the nomination to be a Pink Lady! It means a lot and I love you! Thank you Power of Pink for selecting me as a recipient and making me a Pink Lady! This is an amazing& humbling gesture! I know this will help my family out a little bit with all the bills we are still having to play catch up with! XOXO💗💗💗